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Revealing The Biggest Challenge As A Mom

Krystina is a mom in Lisle who has been married for three years and has two daughters, a 3-year-old and a baby. She works part-time and says her toughest challenge as a mom has been adjusting to her oldest daughter’s sensory issues.

“She's in some therapies to help her. Part of what they've always talked about is -- and it sounds horrible to say it -- but it's not what I expected it to be. It's very hard; it's taxing on her and dad and me, and also why she doesn't really like to spend the night with grandparents because she has to be very routine. So I think that's my hardest part. And then she is so attached to me. Thankfully we've gotten much better, but there was a point when it was only me. So I think that's the hardest part of motherhood for me right now is just getting her needs met and then not crying.

“I just had my second kid, and the day I had her was the first day I was ever away from my other daughter, like ever. I've never spent a night away from her, never went away for a weekend or had a girl’s night, nothing. So I need a break. I need help. I can't do it all, and I mean I can't do much even when I have them or when I do have help.

“I like to meet other moms. Back in the day you had a whole village, and it took the whole village to raise your kid. We don't have that anymore. Even now my mom moved to be closer to us, but they still work full-time. And they're tired. They're not here to raise more kids, but even a few hours helps.

“I mean I'm all about helping others, and that's why I really think MomSub is a good idea because we all need it. We all feel alone at one point or another.”

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