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Learning to Trust as a Mother

Who do you trust with your kids?

Your parents? Close friends? Teacher? The teen down the street?

We all have different comfort levels when it comes to our children. I was a helicopter mom who took years to get over my fear of coaches driving my kids home from practice.

Was raising my two kids easy?

Hell no!

Was keeping my marriage together easy?

No way!

Was advancing my career easy?

As if!

But the rewards of those endeavors enhance my life.

As a Mother, you are a trailblazer, making our world a better place.

Trying something new is never easy. Nothing worthwhile ever is.

Sharing our authentic selves isn’t always easy, but it can be the most important step towards true connection.

I’ve risked embarrassment by admitting some big mistakes. I’ve risked rejection by asking you to join the community promoted on our website. And I’ve risked failure by embarking on a daunting dream: To build a legacy that will improve the lives of mothers everywhere.

Now I want to prompt you to take a leap -- and imagine a new future: One where moms regularly offer favors instead of criticism. Where moms reach out for help instead of trying to do everything ourselves. Where moms reduce stress instead of ignoring it. Where moms welcome other cultures into our lives instead of just into our lectures. Where moms embrace new approaches instead of fearing change.

I imagine a future where moms share a mission to boost our collective confidence into a movement that will blossom because of smart, brave, and strong women like you!

We all want to be part of something bigger, whether it’s being mom in our immediate family, cousin in our extended family, or friend to moms we know from church.

But even if you have a group of moms you trust enough to cry with, it’s been hard to maintain those friendships during COVID. I want to help you reconnect with a tribe that you trust. Your friends probably feel just as overwhelmed as you do trying to handle everything going on these days.

Would you be comfortable inviting your best friend’s kids to your place, so she can have a few hours of quiet to finish a project, run errands, or get away for a night? That’s where we come in.

Through MomSub, you can form a childcare pod just for you and your close family and friends when you and a few friends sign up here or you can use MomSub to expand your network and get to know new mom friends. It’s all a matter of your comfort level, and MomSub lets you be in charge of choosing the providers that you trust.

“Have the courage to step out of our history and past so that we can live our dreams.”


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