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What is decision fatigue, and why does it affect moms so much?

The average adult makes 35,000 decisions every day – from what to eat, to where to meet a friend, to how to find someone to fix the dishwasher.

Decision fatigue comes when you have too many decisions to make all day long. It’s one reason you feel overwhelmed at the end of the day. Moms make more decisions than the average adult because we’re also deciding things for our kids, for our household, for our spouse, even for our pets.

Routines and habits can help minimize decision fatigue. We don’t have to decide what time to get up, how to fix our hair, or which route to take to our kids’ school if it’s the same every day.

Decision fatigue can also lead to brain fog when we keep too many things in our head. One way to reduce that is to make notes or set notifications – in our phone, in our calendar, on paper. If I promise to do my daughter’s laundry before her trip tomorrow, I schedule a timer that goes off two hours before bed to remind me. Set it and forget it!

Decision fatigue also frustrates us when we face too many choices for one decision. This can happen when you’re searching for a sitter. You may sign up for a website with lists of providers in your area, or post in a Facebook group and get 10 responses. Should you reach out to all of them, or just the one who sounds the best? What if you send a message and get no reply? Should you wait? Try the next one? What if you find one who seems great, but she’s not available when you want her? Should you adjust your desired schedule? Perhaps that’s why it takes the average mom a month to find the right caregiver.

It’s exhausting!

At MomSub, we help eliminate decision fatigue by finding just ONE perfect provider who matches YOUR criteria. When you fill out our survey HERE, we find out when and where you need child care and anything else important to you – like if your child has allergies or needs pick up or drop off.

We search our roster, find your perfect MATCH, and send you a message suggesting a time for a video call to meet her. Of course, if you don’t think she’s the right fit after the Zoom meeting, we’ll find another match.

No more decision fatigue!

When you’re ready to meet your MomSub match, just complete the quick survey HERE. We’ll take it from there, so you can get back to enjoying your kids, snuggling with your significant other, or indulging in a little self care.

Our mission is to take the hassle out of finding child care that fits YOUR life.

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