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Learning to trust your child with others

Stefanie Miller is a regular MomSub blog contributor who knows firsthand how to confront conflicting emotions when searching for affordable and trusted childcare.

Sometimes the best childcare option is another mom in your community.

Finding options besides childcare centers

When it was time for me to return to work at six weeks postpartum, it was difficult for me. It was hard to leave my baby, but it was even harder learning to trust the person who was going to be taking care of him. This was no easy task. I didn't know anything about her besides the fact that she is a mom herself and she was willing to settle for far less money than any childcare facility. My husband put his trust in her, so I decided to give it a shot.

My thought process started with the fact that if I put him in childcare, he would be with strangers. I'm sure they were more than qualified to give him the care he needed, but they would still be people who I didn't know and in an unfamiliar environment. Plus, it was way too expensive. Going another route felt less scary because he would be with a fellow mother, in her home, and it would just be the two of them all day. That one-on-one interaction was a huge point that sold me on choosing her to take care of my son.

"She treated him as her own, and that took away a lot of the fear I had initially."

Learning to trust someone new

I called and texted a lot at first. I always wanted to know how he was doing, what they were up to, and pictures to help me handle the new situation. Of course, she obliged, knowing that I was only asking for my peace of mind. Deep down, I knew he was just fine, but I still wanted to know anything and everything. She was incredibly kind and understanding, allowing me to put all my faith into her. Eventually, I was able to dial back the communication a bit and just let them enjoy their quality time while I was at work.

She showed him a lot of love. She treated him as her own, and that took away a lot of the fear I had initially. They bonded so quickly, and it gave me comfort knowing that he was happy. It turned out to be a seamless transition. Looking back at this experience, I would do it all over again if I needed to. Plus, she was more than willing to let me drop him off to run errands or if I just needed a break to wash some laundry, clean, or nap. That is why MomSub is such a great thing.

Connecting with other moms

Every mom worries about leaving their child with a caregiver, and that’s one of the reasons why MomSub exists. It is meant to give you a moment to really breathe and know that your child or children are safe. Besides, MomSub helps promote relationships with other mothers like you, by exchanging care so you can get back time for yourself. Remember, you aren't looking at something that is just for working moms. All moms, even ones who stay home and raise their kids, need time for themselves. It is important not to forget who you were before you had children. That person still lives inside you somewhere, and there is no reason to feel guilty about missing her.

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Stefanie Miller is a freelance writer living in Florida with her husband, two young children and mother-in-law. She shares the challenges of parenting through her blog at

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