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Playdates are back in a post-vaccine world

After more than a year of loneliness, working moms and kids are eager to start socializing again now that many are vaccinated. Our new MomSub app just launched to offer a quick and easy way to meet new mom friends and their kids who live in your local area. We're on a mission to conquer isolation one mom at a time!

My startup venture has been a much longer journey than I anticipated, but we've finally reached this major milestone. We're proud to debut the first version of the MomSub app this week to help our growing community of moms connect with each other, thanks to the hard work of our CTO Kailash Chander. We'll be spreading the word with help from our marketing team Claire Daugherty, Ainsley Thomas and Ellie Borkowski. I'm grateful for all of their enthusiasm, patience and exceptional skills through this process.

The first prototype version of the MomSub app helps busy moms quickly coordinate playdates and meet other moms. These new moms friends can become a trusted source for carpools and childcare trading through the full-featured MomSub app due out this summer.

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