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Thank You For Your Answers!

We are checking our roster of verified MomSub child care providers to fine the one who matches your schedule, location and other needs.


Within 24 hours, you should receive a reply in your email or text to schedule a video interview or book a trial child care session with your MomSub match!


We wanted to share some basic information about MomSub to answer the most common questions we receive.


All child care sessions are booked through MomSub. We make sure the dates and times match your requests.


You will receive an invoice that includes the total due for your MomSub to provide care for one week. Please pay this invoice in advance before the first session of the week. Our rates start at $16 per hour.


We make a commitment to provide child care even if your chosen MomSub has to miss a session due to illness or emergency. We have backup MomSubs ready to step in to make sure your needs are covered.


You can schedule a video interview with your MomSub before deciding if you want to book her. If you would like an in person interview, please send an email to us.

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