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Feeling isolated, frustrated, or overwhelmed?

Need to meet other moms, get out of the house, or take a break?

Then it's time for a MomSub playdate!

Our new MomSub app connects you to a community of nearby moms ready to meet IN REAL LIFE!

You choose the date, time, and place. Other moms with kids the same age sign up for your playdate.

You socialize with new mom friends, while your kids hang out and play together.

So simple! To schedule your next fun gathering, get our new MomSub app.

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MomSub Member in Lisle, IL

We enjoyed it!! So did the kids.  Shaun was asking when can we do it again already lol yay.

Becca and Diane.JPG


MomSub Member in Elmhurst, IL

It was great. Clayton already is asking for the next play date. You ladies were fabulous . Thank you for making it happen.



MomSub Member in Lisle, IL

I'm more of a talker, and I like to meet people. And I like to do the playdates because she's better when she's with other people and she's not just with me all day.


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